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Passport 8500 Allows Drivers to Navigate the Highways with Confidence

There are some gadgets and instruments that most drivers and car enthusiasts can't live without. Just take the case of the radar detector. This ergonomic box-type device serves its purpose on and off the road when a driver feels the need for speed and the rush. The common road rule is that there's a specified speed limit that must be maintained on the road for safety reasons.

In order to regulate and observe the speed on the road, authorities normally use a radar gun to detect over-speeding vehicles or those that failed to stay within the regulated speed. Once the radar gun has validated that indeed a driver has been going beyond the allowed speed, then the readings will be used as the basis for speeding tickets that are issued on the road. This is where the radar detectors get into the picture. Consider these detectors as the civilians' answers to the technology used by law enforcers. When used the right way, these radar detectors can serve as convenient tools that can protect drivers from accidents and yes, speeding tickets. The good news is that there are different brands of detectors that one can order online including Passport 8500.

Escort's version of the detector assumes a silver body construction that may feature a blue or red LED display. No radar detector will work 100 percent of the time but the Passport 8500 promises to work most of the time with great efficiency. The efficiency of this instrument is made possible through the availability of top features as indicated in this review.

What Makes Passport 8500 Better Than Other Brands

Design-wise, this gadget looks cool and simple. When you buy this gadget from an online store, you will notice the small suction cup bracket that will make it easier for you to attach this to the windshield. Heavier than the Solo 2, this instrument is constructed from tough plastic. Another reason to order this gadget online is its user-friendliness. The layout for the controls is simple and arranged intelligently, thus making this instrument easy and accurate to use.

One will easily notice the two buttons that are installed at the top of the instrument that can be used to customize the brightness and sensitivity settings. On the left side of the instrument is the volume dial. Drivers will also notice the presence of the mute button known for intelligent muting that is included on the front, just beside the LCD display. It is through the LCD display that the drivers can check the graphs of the laser signals that are detected. There's a SmartCord included that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. Speaking of power supply, this instrument will use minimal battery.

When one reads a review for Passport 8500, it will be discovered that this model is slightly different from the other Escort brands. The presence of the pop radar detection capabilities help make this instrument stands out. Authorities make use of the pop radar guns to detect over-speeding vehicles and the main advantage of these tools is that these are difficult to detect. But one need not worry when this instrument is ordered online since this is very reliable and comes with very sensitive detection especially for the signals used by pop radar guns. Other top things to love and rave about this Escort instrument include the availability of Auto Sensitivity feature that results to very few alarms and every accurate detection rates that can cover a 360-degree range.

Some Concerns That May Affect the Efficiency of Radar Detector

As already indicated, not all detectors will work 100 percent every time. Even the Passport 8500 features a number of limitations that can make some shoppers think twice. Compared to other detectors that can provide the same functionalities and features, this instrument is extremely over-priced. Some drivers who have tested the instrument on and off the road have reported that the instrument will stop working the moment it gets hot. Now, this can be problematic if a driver is cruising at high speeds in the middle of the day in states known for hotter temperatures. Customer support doesn't work well with Escort and drivers will surely notice this when they order straight from manufacturer or when they ask for technical support.

All things considered, this Escort detector provides a respectable job on and off the road. Escort has been known for its revolutionary detectors and this continues with its own Passport 8500.

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