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Escort Solo: A Cordless Detector Review

The Escort Solo Cordless Detector is the oldest Escort model, and not the extremely brand new Solo S2. This solo was released with several different models. All of them were known for rendering a decent coverage of X brand. Escort solo is, until today, sold in the market for a price that does not exceed $200. Before the newer version came out, which is S2, its price was way above its retail price today. This is very famous since it displays a curve that is familiar derived from the renowned passport detector series of Escort.

To be able to dissect what this Escort solo has to offer its clients, here is a brief review of the product.


Since the time when Escort Solo S2 was released in the market, the inventories of stores with Escort solo came running slower and drier. However, you could still find some of these items in a few scattered stores with a price ranging in between $130 to $190; similar to the Bel 945/6Li Express or PNI I Sensoro Traveller price. This has the same sleek shape that is also features in the Passport detectors of Escort, aside from the fact that this is cordless. However, because of the newer version, Expert solo now is perceived as a junk. This product is now showing its generation's capacity which cannot be considered as a competitor of either PNI or Beltronics.

Ease Of Features And Use

Escort Solo, actually, is not filled with numerous features. First of all, this is a cordless product. This runs off through dual AA batteries of both Alkaline, or it could be operated through its 12 volts power cord. Its AA alkaline batteries run for as long as 20 hours; hence, when you desire to save some money, you must opt for the rechargeable ones. Escort solo's screen, according to many experts, was done poorly. This does not display a red LED text, rather, it has icons that are integrated into its appealing strength bar. Escort solo is very simple if we talk about its ease in use. This has three distinct buttons; the power button that turns off and on; the mute button that mutes all the alerts; and the button for Highway/city mode that permits you to select between these two modes. Overall, the device is very convenient and simple to use.


Escort solo could be utilized wither for a 12 volts power cord or this could operate through its dual AA batteries which are both alkaline. When X-band batteries are used to operate the Escort solo, the performance evaluation is adequate. It has managed to pick all up with an average amount of pre-caution time. Numerous experts have tried it while cruising with their valentine 1 plugged on and in the windshield. If we talk about K-band, Escort solo was not able to display precautions up until a cop was already visible. The valentine 1, on the other hand, gave a more sufficient time of warning. From the performance of a K-band, it seems to appear that this Escort solo is not able to render enough warning up unless your speed limit is 5mph more than the set limit. Most evaluators think that it is fine to use when you are facing a stop light upfront; reviving the engine when it is all ready to burn the ricer just next to you and the cop is on the next block waiting. However, as with all the other coverage, K-band lacks too many features. Further, with the use of K-brand, Valentine 1 actually gives out a very loud sound for a prolonged time unlike the Escort solo which is quiet. It is quite when it is right in front of a cop, right when the cop is being left behind. This, absolutely, did not provide K-Band warning. If to be compared with PNI I/II Sensoro Traveller and Bell 946Li Bel Express, this provides zero detection capability. However, this may provide X-band protection, nothing more.


Escort solo may look nice as a detector. However, it has been covered, in terms of features, by its newer versions. This provides insufficient Ka and K band protection. Lastly, it lacks numerous other features which are provided in today's detectors.


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