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Escort Passport 9500ix Review

escort passport 9500If you are looking for a full and quality review on this unit, you are reading the right article. I am going to compare it to the Beltronics GX65 to clarify some important points right away. It is very useful when it comes to remembering what one has read the comparison of two items, and I think this aspect will be very important for you. This comparison is based on real world facts, and it is very dash in deed, but it will work for you as well.

One of the most curious things about these two products is the fact that both offer a money-back guarantee of 30 days, and they are manufactured by the same firm. I like this fact because it will be easier for me to compare them. You can install these units at the same level in any window of your vehicle. These radar detectors will be your choice when you read reviews about these kinds of products, and this situation happened to me.

The ads that you see promote these radar detectors as the most sensitive ones you can put on the window of any vehicle out there, and they also come with the GPS advantage. As you can see, both the Escort 9500ix and its peer the Beltronics GX65 are very advanced devices that you can get in the radar market right now. Now it is time to talk about the display. These units have the options of auto, dark, bright, medium and dim mode. Users of the Escort Passport 9500ix will find some blue lights as well.

The Escort Passport 9500ix has a black background, but you will find blues around its numbers as well, and they migh also skew its display just a little bit. You will also notice that it is easier to read with the device at night. Its peer, the Beltronics GX65 comes with a black background and red lights. As you can see, these two radar detectors are quite similar in terms of how they display their data to the user. You will find out that the GX65 has a crystal clear display, no matter if you use it in the day or at night.

As you can see, the GX65 has an advantage over the  Passport 9500ix in terms of display, but its importance is moderate in this particular case. Now it is time to talk about the power cord. This product uses a cord that plugs in on its left side, and you will notice this aspect with the Passport 9500ix behind the wheel. On the other hand, you will find out that the cord of the GX65 plugs in on the right side of the radar detector.

The location of the power supply of your vehicle will make a big difference when you have to plug in the device. It is important that you know the fact that you will not see these devices in dark mode at night because they will become black completely. You will only see a light at the end of the power cord when these radar detectors are on their dark mode. Even though the unit will make sound, you and only you will be able to see the light that will glow at the end of the cord.

The button layout and shape of the GX65 is great, but the size of these radar detectors is the same virtually. The importance of this advantage of the GX65 over the Escort Passport 9500ix is low. Both the Escort 9500ix and the GX65 use the same mounts for windows. As you can also see, these units have many similarities, and this fact is no coincidence because they are manufactured by the same company.

The Escort Solo S2 and S3 are other radar devices that it is worth your time to check them out.

You might also think that the mounts of these radars are pretty cheesy because you will have to pay $500 to put your hands on one of them. My old Whistler had a superior mount, and it just cost $79. These radar detectors will tap the window of your vehicle as well. The cause of this situation is the very design of each mount in these radar detectors. These window mounts should be improved in my opinion, and the manufacturing firm should take care of this fact as soon as possible.

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